Counselling for Narcissist Abuse Recovery

Jane offers a small, private counselling practice in the Perth metropolitan area providing a safe, supportive, confidential and empathetic space for narcissistic and toxic relationship abuse victims.

Flexible hours including weekends and after hours appointments.
Phone or Zoom counselling available.

Heal from Narcissist Abuse

Specialising in Narcissistic and borderline personality abuse, codependency, trauma bonding, complex PTSD, and coercive control.


I have been in clinical practice for over 10 years. My understanding and desire to assist victims suffering from the abuse of a narcissist began with my own association and long term relationship. After years of ongoing therapy I recognized that this sort of abuse is only properly understood from personal experience. It is vital to have proper validation, appropriate guidance and treatment when one is in such a vulnerable state. This led me to study for a Diploma in Analytical Counselling/Psychotherapy, together with related courses in Loss and Grief, and Addiction.

My therapeutic approach is an integrative blend of humanistic and existential psychotherapies, and mindfulness.

The current focus of my work is;

  • Narcissistic relationship abuse
  • Codependency
  • Coercive control
  • Trauma bonding
Jane Watson


Understand your circumstances

You cannot fix or rescue someone who is lost in their own distorted reality, being abusive, and behaving dysfunctionally. It will only result in giving them the power to hurt you. There should be no shame from walking away from a relationship that is destructive and toxic. 

In many situations, people struggle to put themselves first and ‘tip toe’ around the narcissist in their life, afraid of the consequences. It can sometimes take years before a victim recognizes that they need to release themselves from an abusive relationship. 

Recognise limited beliefs and patterns

It is usually limited beliefs and patterns of behavior that have held people back from taking proper care of themselves. There is often a certain naivety that allows us to fall into the trap of a prowling narcissist. It is crucial for this to be recognized to stop the cycle of abuse. So many clients have reflected on their childhood and appreciated the need to change unrealistic beliefs that have held them back from making well informed decisions.

From suffering - to peace and resilience

Distinguishing the type of emotionally abusive relationship each person has been living with is quite a milestone in the journey towards personal freedom. It is like a curtain has been lifted, or someone has just walked out of a fog! Simultaneously, it can be extremely disturbing and heartbreaking to recognize how confused, anxious and vulnerable you have been, often believing that you were to blame for the disfunction. It can be overwhelming.

Working on proper self-awareness brings about personal freedom of choice, self-care and healthy self-esteem. Happiness will no longer depend on others, as within yourself there will be innate trust and respect. With this confidence you can nurture yourself and pursue your own goals, be creative, and spontaneous.

Space for change and healing

Stop walking on eggshells……It is time for change!

Insight gained from this process of self reflection will hopefully result in each person learning how to be assertive when necessary, and to gain the right balance in their lives. Emotional independence puts a stop to being coerced by a controlling personality.

This is hopefully where my experience and knowledge will help to assist you to start healing the deep wounds and aftershocks of an intensely painful and compromised past. 


I work holistically with clients to equip them with tools and resources to assist with the changes they wish to address and to heal and embrace life at a new level. The mind/body connection cannot be overlooked. The healing gift is that clients can be true to themselves and create genuine relationships with others. Clients often express that this is a new and exciting experience, to finally have inner strength and the balance they need to move forward.

Restore balance

There are 5 main categories that most will identify relates to the narcissist in their life: Covert, Malignant, Cerebral, Somatic and Spiritual. All these individuals have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for excessive attention. They often appear to be overconfident but lack empathy for others. Behind their mask of charm and brash façade lies a seething pit of pain and fragile self-esteem that is vulnerable to the slightest criticism.  Their inherent wounds are unconsciously projected onto others with devastating consequences. 

A co-dependent personality fits like a hand in glove with a narcissist. Most clients I see have traits that have allowed dysfunction in their abusive relationship. This is not a conscious function, as their intention was to have closeness and security, but they have not fully understood themselves, and subsequently their behavior.

This is an extremely unhealthy emotional attachment that can develop from a repeated cycle of abuse and devaluation, followed by positive reinforcement from the perpetrator. It can feel impossible for the victim to break away from the narcissist, as manipulation is rife in these circumstances. It is common to believe that one must stay together, regardless of how much pain and chaos the relationship is bringing them.

This can be a result of trauma bonding or having the ongoing ‘roller coaster ride’ with a narcissist. Complex Post Trauma and Stress can continue after the person or situation is removed from your life. The long-term abuse has left the person not able to trust themselves or others. Stress and anxiety overtake. 

A very unequal power dynamic in a relationship can make it almost impossible for the other party to leave. The cycle sees the narcissist controlling by intimidation, threats and humiliation. There can be financial and social control where one can feel vulnerable and submissive. 

Fortunately, a new law is being recognized in Australia to criminalise this form of abuse, so that coercive control can be dealt with.

I also offer telephone counselling

Clients needing assistance to better understand their relationship can rely on Jane for phone/Zoom counselling throughout Australia and overseas. Timelines can be accommodated to work with your schedule and location.


With Jane’s expertise, support, validation and empathy I felt psychologically safe to unlock the door to unravel the trauma of narcissistic abuse from my mother. I am 58 years old and Jane said to me, “You have been trying to find normal in abnormal all of your life!” This was a life changing moment for me as I was no longer the problem. I know that I would not have had the courage to feel the pain and move towards the place of healing without her. I highly recommend Jane as a Psychotherapist.
Denise Hughes
It is with great pleasure and confidence that I recommend Jane as a Psychotherapist. I am a professional person who was involved with Life Line for over 16 years. During this time I was a counsellor and served as an Executive. With the Director we were responsible for the final acceptance of candidates to become Life Line counsellors after they had undergone a years training. With this background I do believe that I understand what qualities are required to make an excellent counsellor. With Jane’s empathy, compassion, insightfulness, understanding and her ability to help one explore the many alternatives and their possible outcomes, she is an outstanding talent! I cannot recommend Jane highly enough. My wish for anyone reading this, is for them to also benefit from the wonderful talents that Jane has as a special person and a counsellor.
Jane is a wonderful listener and she helped me to identify key factors about myself that I needed to honour rather than concede to suit my partner. I lived on eggshells trying to keep him in a good mood. Over years I had steadily compromised my values to suit my partner because peace is what I craved. I hadn’t the courage to express my real feelings because I thought he would leave me. I became enmeshed in his life so much that I didn’t dare think about myself and became convinced he would leave, and I’d be alone. Jane gave me the skills and strategies to heal, so I began believing in myself. After counselling with Jane I developed a new confidence to identify and avoid controlling people. I proudly continue this today.

Understand yourself and restore balance and harmony in your life

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